Sea Escapes

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Love adventure? Experience the thrill of coming face to face with a raggie; spot a white tip disappearing into the blue; hear the whales singing; as you try to focus on the abundance of corals and turtle that has just awoken from his sleep and is heading for the surface.

Diving with Sea Escapes offers you the complete experience, adventure, learning, achievement, comfort, and tranquility on this wild stretch of coast. Huddled in one of the protected Wetlands of Southern Africa, a World Heritage Site, Sodwana Bay is known throughout the world as a dive destination which never ceases to amaze and delight.

Exhilarating launches through the waves before you sink down below the waves to some of the most pristine reefs in the world. We offer scuba training and discover scuba courses to whet your appetite. Our reefs boast 84% of all the fish families and are home to over 50% of soft and hard corals of the world and once under water you will be surrounded by schools of exotic fish.

At Sea Escapes we pride ourselves on caring for our beautiful seas and the animals that have made the reefs their home. All divers are asked to respect the reef by taking pictures and leaving bubbles! Rediscover the simpler pleasures of life – the joy of achievement; the calm of solitude; and the pleasure of good companionship. Rustic and affordable, our Toad Tree Cabins offer you a choice between en-suite wooden cabins or fully equipped self-catering brick cottages for couples or family groups.

Owners, Lindsay and Janice, welcome you to experience diving the way it should be, with comfortable lodging, great reefs, good people and outdoor meals. Come and enjoy a personalised experience with us. We love what we do, are serious about your safety above and below the water, and thoroughly enjoy sharing our world with you!

ANNUAL Events:

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The appearance of the humpback whales and their relatives, the southern right whales start around this time of the year, temperature permitting..


Turtle Season at Sodwana, with hatchlings appearing 60 days after the eggs are laid. Turtle Season ends at the end of January.


The friendly Raggies appear on 1/4 Mile reef, and gestate until mid to end January. Great photo sessions are to be had as the sharks are relaxed and not feeding.